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4M international (Pvt) Ltd is a company based in western province of Sri Lanka, with more than 8 years of experience in Manufacturing, Exporting Eco friendly Coir based product. 4M has now become one of the major exporters in coir industry of Sri Lanka, while maintaining its outstanding quality standards. Our main coir products are Bristle Fiber, Erosion control blankets, Woven Geotextiles, Grow Bags, Coco Peat for Agricultural and industrial applications, Waterlog, Coir sheets, Coir pots, Coir Brushes, Coir Disk and supply of Coir fibre for the use in commercial substrate mixtures as well as the industrial purpose.

4M International is a registered and authorized company for its coir based exports in all relevant government bodies, which are Export Development Board, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka port Authority and the Coconut Development Authority. 4M International proud to state that, it always provides job opportunities to low income earners of the area. Our experienced team strives together to provide optimum level of quality coir at a competitive price at our customers specifications.

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